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A Different Kind of Safari: an uplifting children's book, inspired by real-life adventure, empowers young readers to accept life's challenges.


Inspirational and fun, Helen Hipp can ignite any audience!

Learn how to fill your tank with inspiration that will help you experience a more fulfilling life and get you where you want to go.

Building Blocks & The Road to Self Advocacy

Learn more about developing a voice so other can hear you - have your say in your life.

A Different Kind of Safari: Celebrating Differences

Find out what you can learn from Rosie the Pink Hippo, and how you can share those lessons with the children in your life.

Getting It Done: Avoiding False Starts

Are life changes derailing your plans? Learn why some people find themselves starting on old habits or retracing their steps yet again.

Success Comes from Life's Ups & Downs!

Learn ways to making your workplace relationships work for you. Change your thinking and change your life.


Testimonials from presentation attendees

Getting It Done Audience Member

The presentation was not about telling someone what to do, but about helping, encouraging, understanding, and empowering the individual to action. Thank you, Helen!

Success Comes From Life's Ups & Downs Group Participants

“Wonderful and thought provoking”

“Good reminder to take control and create positive energy”

“Very helpful with my questions”

Author Reads & Reviews

I used this book with children ages 5 - 10 to open their eyes to being themselves and being comfortable and confident in the special person that they are.

Author Reads & Reviews

A heartwarming tail for the whole family. The message is so touching and something that everyone can learn from. I can see this book being very beneficial in school and in our homes!

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